Let Your Valiant Athlete
Journey Begin

welcome to Valiant Wealth

We are excited to introduce you to our Valiant Wealth Family Office. You have made it to a place few other athletes have. To stay here you need to be focused on your game and your career.

We believe every athlete needs good coaches on and off the field.  When you partner with our Valiant Family Office, we become not just your financial advisor, but your financial coach and an integral part of your financial team.  Please watch the welcome video below to learn more.

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Our Six Pillars Of Service

We start with the basic building blocks of a financial plan: retirement planning, education planning and risk management (insurance).  From there, our Professional Athlete Family Office generates comprehensive reports detailing our analysis of cash flow, retirement readiness, insurance and estate planning and net worth.  Family Office services include:

  • Financial Concierge
  • Bill payments
  • Coordinating all things business and financial

All of your important financial issues need to be planned and managed, but there is never enough time in your busy life.  That is why we offer a range of services including:

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Bill paying
  • Relocation assistance
  • Purchase and lease consulting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Coordination and advice on charitable contributions

We serve as your personal financial concierge, allowing you to focus on your career.

Our investment philosophy is to focus on what we can control: diversification and costs. It is based upon time-tested academic research, not our own opinion. We know that it is statistically improbable that any single manager will be able to consistently beat the markets. Managers that try to do so buy and sell securities over and over again, generating trading costs and taxable capital gains.

Therefore, our approach is to passively own the markets through mutual funds that own virtually every stock in a particular market. This approach keeps costs down by nearly 2/3rds versus typical actively managed portfolio, while increased diversification reduces the ups and downs of the markets.

We also assist clients with private equity opportunities.  Our principals have a combined 35 years of experience investing in startups and small businesses.

Every new client relationship begins with a review of the tax return. We look for areas where clients can be smarter about how their assets are structured to avoid or defer paying any unnecessary taxes.

Taking advantage of programs that the IRS has available to structure assets to minimize taxation allows the portfolio to keep all of its distributions and continue to grow over time.

A key component of our passive investment portfolios that benefit an investor’s tax liability is low turnover. By keeping turnover low, annual capital gains are minimized, keeping more funds at work, reducing how taxation can whittle away investment returns over time.

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As a public figure your image has potential value.  Our Brand Advisor can work with you to explore ways to unlock this value by helping your good name become more visible and meaningful to fans so it becomes a powerful brand.

You will be exposed to unique approaches to present yourself which fit your goals for building a reputable brand name long term.  This includes partnering with media companies in new ways, along with communicating coaching, pursuing philanthropic causes important to you and your family, or connecting with the right endorsement deals offering added income opportunities.

You’ve worked hard for your wealth and you have causes that are important to you. We help our clients understand how to structure their gifts to maximize the benefit for the client and their preferred charity.

We assist clients with the formation and management of charitable funds, the ongoing management of assets in the fund, assisting in making donations from your fund.

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our process

In order to make informed financial decisions, you need to consider all aspects of your financial plan.  Our job is to take care of, and report on, the things that are important to your financial future.  Our clients have 24 hour access to their financial statements through the Wealth Management System.  By linking in your other financial accounts, your account values and net worth statement are always up to date.  

Watch the video below to learn how we use the Wealth Management tool, which is central to our relationship with our clients.

Media and Brand Consulting

Your personal brand is one of your most valuable assets.  We work with you to develop opportunities that will help you when you transition to your post-athletic career.  In the video below, Ginny Shiverdecker, Director of Brand Development, discusses how we can help your personal brand to benefit your career and your philanthropic efforts.


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